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So, just imagine our life – I had a 3yr old daughter who was meeting all her milestones, an 18-month-old daughter (Jemma) who did not speak, was exhausted and in pain constantly, and a baby on the way.

Jemma would break out in angry, itchy rashes (eczema) so badly that her face and bottom would bleed, while producing 10+ nappies a day of chronic diarrhoea, those were some fun times!

The only thing her bloods showed was iron deficiency, otherwise there was nothing apparently wrong with her. Tired of helplessly watching her suffer, I decided it was up to me and did some research before completing an elimination diet, which uncovered a dairy, soy and FODMAP sensitivity.

If you think there is something wrong, trust your gut and look into, get a second or third opinion, and ask for more tests. There are bloods, scans, scopes and elimination diets you can try and be sure you keep pushing until you get some help and a plan.

Our graphic gives you a run down on some tests you may be able try, but an elimination diet is the gold standard in testing for food intolerances, so I highly recommend you set aside 2 weeks to cut out your suspect foods and then try to reintroduce them. You'll soon know if that food is an issue.

There is more information on elimination diets available through our e-book and facebook page.

And reach out if you would like some assistance in going through it all.

Good luck, Tarnya


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