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Gourmet You provides coaching, cooking demonstrations, meal bases and recipes for individuals and families dealing with food intolerances and gut health issues. Founder, Tarnya Bruinier, a qualified nurse and special needs educator, developed Gourmet You in response to her own family’s experience of food and gut issues.

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Coaching & Nutritional Counselling

Are you looking for personalised help to guide you through your or your family’s food intolerances or gut health issues? Gourmet You offers coaching from a qualified nurse and passionate cook, whose journey with food intolerances with her own young children and wider family, led to the creation of Gourmet You.

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Cooking demonstrations

Do you want to learn how to easily prepare a tasty meal that caters for people with food intolerances? We offer cooking demonstrations that include a gut health talk and guests get to taste the various dishes we prepare.

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Gourmet You offers a range of recipes to make cooking for people with food intolerances and gut health issues easy and interesting. Our recipes are guaranteed to put the flavour back on your plate and can be accessed through our free members page.

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Meal Bases

Gourmet You’s meal bases are a mix of spices and seasonings that deliver tummy-friendly, plant-based, full flavours. Our meal bases are made in north east Victoria, additive free and contain no added gluten, no garlic or onion, no
added salt or sugar and are FODMAP friendly. Click on the SHOP to buy some now!

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Tarnya Bruinier is not a Dietician or Medical Practitioner and the information contained on this page is based on personal experience and independent research and should therefore not replace medical advice. Please see terms and conditions for further details.

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