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Hi, I'm Tarnya Bruinier, 

Nurse, Mother, Nutritionist &

Founder of Gourmet You

As a mum, qualified nurse, nutritionist and passionate cook, I found it increasingly difficult to cook and cater for the health requirements and food intolerances of my children and 2 sisters. Above all, as I did not have an intolerance myself, I grew sick of cooking the same bland meat and salad or vegetables for dinner so I began experimenting and creating my own seasonings, recipes and baked treats.

For a plant

rich diet

More and more people are responding to food intolerances and gut health problems by turning to plant-based diets. Gourmet You’s products and services provide for dairy free, gluten free, low FODMAP and plant based food options full of natural flavours.

For Parents

Parents of young children with food intolerances
Adjusting a family diet to cater for young children with food intolerances can result in very boring meals. Gourmet You founder, Tarnya Bruinier, knows this first-hand and
designed her products and services to put flavour back on the menu and bring back the joy of cooking.

"Tarnya is great to work with. She is very professional, but also easy going and interested in getting to know your specific needs. I'd recommend her products and services to everyone. "


“Gourmet You is a testament to Tarnya’s passion and drive for providing simple, adaptable and TASTY food for people with allergies and intolerances. She uses an evidence-based approach to developing her product, researching food-gut reactions and expanding her knowledge on gut health as science learns more. ”

Dr Aleesha Wayman

“I love Gourmet You because the flavour is always there and the recipes can be as simple or gourmet as you please. Flavour in food, without the tummy upsets!”


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