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Tarnya Bruinier

For the taste, for health, for intolerances - WELCOME!

As a mum, qualified nurse, teacher and passionate cook, I found it increasingly difficult to cook and cater for the health requirements and food intolerances of my children and 2 sisters. Above all, as I did not have an intolerance myself, I grew sick of cooking the same bland meat and salad or vegetables for dinner so I began experimenting and creating my own seasonings, recipes and baked treats.

We create hand blended products that are:

*easy to use


*able to bring back some normality to everyday routines and life

*tasty and family friendly

*flexible and adaptable to many recipe combinations

GOURMET YOU was founded with:

A VISION: GOURMET YOU navigates healthy living options, to overcome food intolerances and gut health issues.


A MISSION: GOURMET YOU inspires and educates everyday families on living a healthy life, free from the stress surrounding food intolerances and gut health issues.


A PURPOSE: Our purpose at GOURMET YOU is to help everyday people uncover and overcome the boundaries related to gut health and food intolerances and the symptoms relating to these to create their own version of a healthy, balanced and practical life.


GOURMET YOU is a small family owned and operated business based in regional Victoria.

Our products can be adapted to suit:

  • vegetarians

  • lactose and dairy intolerances

  • soy and gluten intolerances

  • low FODMAP diets.

Nutritional Counselling is also available, where a journey into discovering your bodies needs and intolerances is uncovered and the joy of food and health can be re-created in your image.

Take care and happy cooking,

Tarnya Bruinier

Founder of Gourmet You


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Tarnya Bruinier is not a Dietician or Medical Practitioner and the information contained on this page is based on personal experience and independent research and should therefore not replace medical advice. Please see terms and conditions for further details.

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