Humpty Doo Fitness Centre
21 Vereker St

Humpty Doo Fitness Centre
21 Vereker St

Available for catering and events
Call or text 0400186277

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“It’s been a very challenging time for the food industry and for Australians since the first covid lockdown. It was hard enough finding produce that is gluten free or dairy free before the pandemic, and now it’s become even more challenging for families to meet their dietary and health needs. Our customers loved our products at the markets, they’ve loved them when they’ve purchased them online, and now we’re excited about bringing our products right to the doorsteps of our neighbours and communitymembers.” - Tarnya




It started with a dodgy drawing on a napkin at the pub, a few months later the build was started by this amazing guy, Jason (my husband).

Check out his work at FineFab welding

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Built on a sturdy fram with insulated panel walls, solid flooring and ready for a fit out. We've got a coffee machine, grinder, 2 fridges, freezer, gas oven and cooktop, plus some awesome stainless benches.

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The kids loved helping with the build too, plus all the free milkshakes and protein balls they could help for :) 

We are now open and trading, ready for events and catering in the Darwin region.

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